Crystal Lake Beach Club is a private, membership-based, business.

Day rates are not available.

To purchase a beach club membership, please select an application from the (4) types listed below.

Complete the forms (front and back) and mail with payment to: RML, Inc, PO Box 272, Oakland, NJ 07436 or register in person at the beach club.

On your first visit, be prepared to wait at check-in while your application is being processed, bring a photo ID, and complete payment.

1. Non-Shareholder Beach Application

Copy of Non-Shareholder Beach Application - Early Bird 2018.pdf

The following applications are for RML Shareholders. These forms may also be located on the Property & Maintenance Assessment page: Property and Maintenance Assessments

2. Crystal Lakefront Shareholder/Member P&M Assessment/Beach Application

Crystal Lakefront P&M Assessment (1).pdf

3. Mirror Lakefront Shareholder/Member P&M Assessment and Beach Application

Mirror Lake Lakefront Application .pdf

4. Non-Lakefront Shareholder / Member P&M Assessment and Beach Application

Shareholder Application Non-lakefront (2).pdf