Crystal Lake Lakefront Property Owner Info

Lakefront - Crystal Lake

Water Lowering for Maintenance of Property:

    • RML will open the outlet pipe in order to lower the water level in the Fall to allow lakefront homeowners make necessary repairs to retaining walls, docks, and to clear debris from the shoreline.
    • If you wish to receive an email with estimated scheduled date for maintenance opening each Fall please email
    • When getting ready to schedule work, please inform RML at, with start and anticipated end date of work. Work should not start prior to October 1 and should be completed by Nov 1.

Water Lowering for Possible Flood Events:

    • Oakland Department of Public Works will open the outlet pipe when the National Weather Bureau predicts one or more inches of rain in a 24 hour period. RML the pipe, when the possibility of flooding ends.
    • A year end report is supplied to NJ Fish and Wildlife of all openings.

Other Lakefront Information:

    • Feeding of wildlife is prohibited by the Oakland Borough. Please review applicable ordinances on the Oakland Borough Website
    • Only non gas powered boats can be used on Crystal Lake.
    • Algae treatments may be used during the summer season if necessary. A professional company with appropriate permits, will apply the treatments as needed.
    • A Full Season Beach Membership to Crystal Lake Beach Club is automatically provided to a Crystal Lake Lakefront shareholder when the Property & Maintenance Assessment is paid. This Beach Membership is for members of the lakefront household only. Guest Passes can be purchased at the beach club during the summer season for your guests.

Crystal Lake Dam:

Crystal Lake Dam is an earth-filled embankment dam. It is approximately 1200 feet long, 10 feet-high containing an approximate 110' long concrete core, approximately centered on a 41' wide concrete trough spillway.

The spillway is approximately 31' feet long with 3' concrete sidewalls. The spillway descends approximately 3' onto a concrete drop apron, trapezoidal in shape, after which the discharge flow spills into an outflow channel approximately 100' from its confluence with the Ramapo River.

A 36-inch diameter outlet pipe and slide gate on the eastern side of the spillway provide low-level outlet control.

Approximately 900' north of the spillway is a 24-inch diameter secondary low-level outlet pipe with control gate. The reinforced concrete pipe penetrates the embankment and exits through a concrete headwall on the easterly bank of the Ramapo River. The 24-inch low-level outlet structure provides an alternate means to lower the lake for maintenance.

New Jersey Dam Safety Laws: Safe Dams Act (N.J.S.A. 58:4)

RML is obligated to comply with the Safe Dams Act.

Administered by the Department of Environmental Protection, Dam Safety and Flood Control Bureau.

Objective: Protect lives and property from consequences of a dam failure.

Achieves goal by requiring maintenance and periodic inspection of in-service dams.

Classifies dam design criteria in four categories according to Hazard (Crystal Lake Dam is Class III, Low Hazard).

Requires Owner to authorize/pay for a regular inspection of a Class III dam by a NJ Professional Engineer every four years.

Requires Owner to obtain a permit to modify or repair an existing dam.

Violations of Safe Dams Act and failure to follow orders are liable to a penalty of not more than $5,000 per day.

Last professional inspection of Crystal Lake Dam was 2017.