Financial Info

RML Financial Information

RML income comes from two sources. Crystal Lake Beach Club operations and Property & Maintenance Assessments. Crystal Lake Beach Club operation income pays for Beach Club expenses. Property & Maintenance Assessments pay for property and maintenance expenses.

The Beach Club, is open each year from Memorial Day through Labor Day. Beach Club income varies with the influence of good or bad weather and the economy. Good weather during the previous season tends to increase membership applications in the following season. Bad weather in the late spring and from Memorial Day through the 1st of July tends to reduce membership applications. Bad weather during the season reduces partial membership and guest pass purchases, reduces snack bar revenue, and reduces special event attendance conducted during summer weekend evenings.

The Beach Club has fixed and variable expenses that are similar to any business. RML must plan in the early spring to interview and hire adequate beach managers and lifeguards and must incur expenses to prepare the beach property for opening day. Paid staff must be on hand each day to accommodate beach goers. Fixed expenses are incurred regardless of the quantity of beach memberships purchased. Variable expenses depend on beach and special event attendance.

Shareholders/Members in good standing may request specific corporate information by sending a request for information to Please be specific with the financial or corporate information you are seeking. You can also send your request in writing to RML Inc, P. O. Box 272, Oakland, NJ 07436.

Crystal Lake Beach Club Budget

Expense Categories

  • Advertising
  • Printing, Postage
  • Payroll Administration
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Payroll Taxes
  • Wages (Beach Manager, Lifeguards)
  • Event & Snack Bar Supplies
  • Snack Bar and Guardhouse Maintenance/Repairs
  • Utilities (Electric, Water, Trash Removal, Phone/WiFi)

Income Categories

  • Memberships & Guest Passes
  • Events & Parties
  • Swim Lessons
  • Snack Bar Sales
  • Boat Storage Fees

Property & Maintenance Assessment Budget

Expense Categories

  • Liability & Property Insurance ( Crystal Lake and Mirror Lake)
  • Directors Insurance
  • Property Taxes ( Crystal Lake and Mirror Lake)
  • Printing, Postage
  • Professional Services (Accounting and Legal Services)
  • Professional Engineering Fees (Dam Inspection)
  • Lake/Dam Maintenance/Repairs
  • Water Treatment, Aquatic Plant Control
  • Permits (Water Lowering, Aquatic Plant Control)
  • Corporate Income Taxes

Note: RML is a "C" Corporation subject to Federal and State income taxes.


  • Property and Maintenance Assessments from Shareholders/Members