RML Historical Information

National House and Farms Association, Inc (NH&FAI) developed the land in Oakland that became the shareholder properties of RML. The preceding document is a sales brochure used by the developer to help sell the properties in the early 1950's.

House on the Hill

RML sponsored a historical document by Jeanne Angstadt that was published in 1977. Refer to House on the Hill below to learn more about the history of RML and to see photos of the clubhouse.

RML Maps

National House & Farms Association, Inc. filed seven maps with the Clerk of the County of Bergen between June 1944 and June 1946. The seven maps define the properties within the RML planned community development by the block and lot numbers in use until the State of New Jersey required municipalities to assign new block and lot numbers. The new block and lot numbers began appearing in Oakland's tax maps in 2005 and in the municipal tax bills in 2006.

The seven RML maps are identified as Sections 1, 1A, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Section 1 includes the Crystal Lake area neighborhood from Ramapo Valley Road to the Ramapo River and from Interstate Route 287 to the area just north of Mohawk Avenue.

Section 1A includes the southwestern portion of the Crystal Lake area between Powder Mill Lane, Lake Shore Drive an Interstate Route 287.

Section 2 includes the area around Mirror Lake, generally from Ramapo Valley Road to both sides of Seminole Avenue and from Franklin Avenue to the south side of Oneida Avenue.

Section 3 includes the area from the north side of Oneida Avenue to both sides of Pawnee Avenue and from Ramapo Valley Road to the east side of Mohegan Avenue.

Section 4 includes the area of Crystal Lake to the west of the Ramapo River accessed by Lenape Lane.

Section 5 includes an area on both sides of Yawpo Avenue.

Section 6 includes the areas surrounding Walnut Street, Page Drive, and Winters Street.

The individual RML Maps vary in size. Each map contains a large amount of detail. The scanned files of each map are too large to include as download attachments on this site.

The attached document below shows all RML sections in one Oakland map.

RML Historical Brochure.pdf
House on the Hill.pdf
Website RML Map Sec 1-6 (1).pdf